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5-Star Business Hotel

Academic | Mumbai University | Architecture Design Studio | 2018
Pushpak Nagar | Navi Mumbai | India
Progam: Business Hotel

Considering the inflow of global citizens and travelers as well as influx due to trade opportunities, the Navi Mumbai International Airport states the need of 5 star Hotels of business category & international standards to be built in the new airport vicinity zone. The hotel has been conceptualized in a non- conventional way keeping in mind and giving priorities to the public areas of the hotel which further encourage informal environment in an otherwise expected to be a very formal environment. The hotel also has overlooking green terrace gardens on every floor of the public programs trying to bring the outside, in through a steady transition of programs vertically from public to private.

Delux Rooms

Virtual Reality Experience

Infinity Pool & Lounge Area

Outdoor Areas

Detail Drawings

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