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Perforated MODU-mentality

Academic | UCLA | Technology Seminar | Fall 2021 
Instructor: Shaun McCallum
Category: Phygital Realities

Collaboration with: Beatriz Tzung

Perforated MODU-mentality looks directly at the implication of digital technologies, the metaverse and emergent animate form on urban architectures. Learning from digital material studies and phygital compositions, projects will speculate on new visual languages for an architecture rooted in a mixed-reality. These novel visual languages will embody an architecture which is never stagnant, always moving, irrespective of historical comparative formal languages and always above 50mph.

In this project we take Frank LLoyd Wright's Ennis house whose main traits are its modularity, monumentality and perforations. The overall composition is a culmination of all the three traits into one. The modular units explore the idea of portals and of different types of perforations. Instead of using an element to signify monumentality, the overall composition depicts that in itself and can be better understood when seen on site.

At Downtown, Los Angeles!

This interactive object is now installed at Downtown, Los Angeles using technologies like camera tracking & projection mapping.

Experience in AR

Texturing & Displacement

Percentage Distribution

Trait to Form

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