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Hyper-Human Wilds . Big Tom

Academic | UCLA | Summer 2021
Instructor: Nathan Su
Collaboration with: Yves Lu, Xiting Chen

Hyper-Human Wilds functions as a primer on speculative fiction, and aims to immerse you in the planetary narratives of our time, so that you might envision alternate narratives for our future. Technically, it is also an exposure to world-building workflows, with a focus on digital environment art.

With the awaking of the climate control stirring global community to reposition its development, the Old Tom is one of the initiatives that forester the new model of the synthesize economy. The project identified the carbon capture contribution (CCC) from whale’s life cycle and evolved into a trans-continental economy. With the investment of infrastructure known as the "Old Tom Corridor" complete in most migration paths and financial incentives, the project also generates a pivotal culture shift from landmass exhaustion model to profit-generation by conservation in mass mindset.

The constant monitoring of the ever-changing whale routes & the restricted shipping routes along with changes in the whale credit, currency & carbon become necessary here. The sound of old Tom’s construction broke through the tranquility of this town. People gathered here spontaneously, celebrating for every whale breaching. The economic transformation seems successful, but who can be sure about the flashy appearance that covers up the corrupted interior.

The Infrastructure 

The Insider's Perspective

The Outsider's Perspective

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