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Design Research & Production Cell

Academic | Mumbai University | Architecture Design Studio | 2016
Sabarmati Riverfront | Ahmedabad | India
Progam: Design & Production Cell (Extension to the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad)

Any new architecture within an old city has to necessarily negotiate with the older typologies & the context within which those buildings evolved & take it further. The idea is neither to imitate the style which has evolved & given architectural significance to the city of Ahmedabad nor to ignore them. The design focusses on finding the methodology of design which understands & absorbs the context & the existing typologies to arrive at a design solution. With the objectives of exploring design, based on modern architecture for designing an extension to the National Institute of Design on the banks of Sabarmati River, it also creates a space for recreation/leisure & gives central Ahmedabad a bold new identity & reconnects the people of Ahmedabad with the city’s historic lifeline. The building is conceptualised based on the characteristic typology of the city: giving importance to the communal or outdoor areas which become the governing factor of the proposed design.

Aerial View

Game Experience

Central Court

Waterbody in the centre of the building

Outdoor Spaces

View from the riverfront
Outdoor spaces flowing into the riverfront

Internal Courtyards

Internal Courtyard 01
Internal Courtyard 02
Night View from the riverfront
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