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The Postcard Hideaway

Professional Work | 2018
Netravali | Goa | India
Category: Hospitality | Hotel
Collaboration with: UCJ Architecture & Environment, Mumbai, India

In a hidden corner of Goa, lies twenty acres of greenery which you’ll find twenty discreet, ultra modern rooms. We call it The Postcard Hideaway Netravali. The hotel offers solitude and relaxation in the purest sense the word, with unending views of the hills and surrounding Western Ghats. Who knows, you might even spot a black panther or two?

Our twenty luxury rooms are designed to blend unobtrusively with its surroundings, while offering all worldly pleasures - naturally. Each tastefully appointed room comes with a patio to spend the day observing nature. Which, if you ask us, is luxury itself.

We could argue that your wellness regime begins the moment you drive in to the hotel. The hotel is a world away from urban concerns, with the sound of water, leaves, and birds, offering instant respite. Our spa, as you can imagine, offers a wealth of wellness therapies. Then there’s the open air jacuzzi and yoga sessions at our pavilion. 

Contribution to the team: Design development with respect to the master plan & contoured site. Villa design (multiple types) along with furniture layout. Working drawing details for execution on site.

Construction Process


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